HumTech Releases First Interview in a Four-Part Extended Reality (XR) Series

In the first article of this four-part series, HumTech’s   sat down in spring 2019 to talk to Dr. Maja Manojlovic, a UCLA lecturer and Faculty Advisor for Writing II Pedagogy. Her current research examines the effects that VR technologies and cinematic 3D aesthetics have on our embodied experience of temporality and spatiality. She is also working on a few projects that study how VR shapes our identities, empathy, and relationships with others.

The goal of this first article is to provide readers with an all-encompassing introduction to these technologies, particularly to VR, that will prepare them for the upcoming installments.

Read the interview on HumTech’s Blog.


Photo courtesy of Unsplash


XR for Teaching and Learning: Year 2 of the EDUCAUSE/HP Campus of the Future Project

The HP/EDUCAUSE Campus of the Future project is now in its second year of investigation into the benefits of XR for teaching, learning, and research at the institution. Their most recent report focuses on the types of learning goals that are effectively supported by XR technology.

See what institutions participating in the XR project discovered about achieving learning goals, effective pedagogical uses, curricula integration challenges, XR adoption requirements, and factors influencing effectiveness by reading the report.


Pomerantz, Jeffrey. XR for Teaching and Learning: Year 2 of the EDUCAUSE/HP Campus of the Future Project. ECAR research report. Louisville, CO: EDUCAUSE, October 2019.