What we do

  • Build a community of scholars and artists interested in pushing the limits of XR research, pedagogy, and design (creative production/practice).
  • Showcase innovative applications of XR in research, pedagogy, and the arts. 
  • Curate exemplary XR projects and resources across campus.
  • Connect UCLA to community and industry partners. 
  • Apply XR to creatively address environmental, societal, and health challenges of today‚Äôs world.
  • Advocate for ethical use of XR, its equitable distribution, inclusive design, and accessibility for all.

Our goals

  1. To continue expanding our x-reality website.
  2. Hold (virtual) open-house events showcasing the work at the various XR Labs on our campus and beyond.
  3. Set up informal meetings, mini-workshops, and symposia on XR.
  4. Offer consultations on XR projects and pedagogy.
  5. Organize a larger conference to cultivate connections with XR researchers, artists, and industry professionals internationally.