Extended Reality (XR) Series (2/4): Exploring the Impact of VR in Higher Education with Francesca Albrezzi

As part two of four in UCLA’s HumTech XR series, HumTech’s  Megan Reusche‘s article focuses on the use of virtual reality (VR) in higher education. Insights and commentary regarding VR  implementation in higher education and at UCLA were provided by Francesca Albrezzi, Digital Research Consultant in the UCLA Institute for Digital Research and Education, and Lecturer in Digital Humanities at UCLA.

For Francesca, immersive technology like VR is important because it provides an opportunity to be transformative on a multisensory level. The more that we engage in the senses, the more we can impact a greater number of people. Learning through experience also engages all of our senses at once and helps with the formation of memory and, in turn, learning.

Read the article now on HumTech’s blog to learn more about the successes and limitations of this technology and how you can incorporate VR into your research projects and lesson plans.

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

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